Your Power Washing & Home Restoration Alternative

Dustless blasting is the most versatile alternative to power washing available. Perfectly safe for use around plants and vegetation, dustless blasting uses water and recycled bottle glass – zero free silica, no heat, no dust plume, and is harmless to humans also.

Dustless Blasting safely removes paint from masonry and concrete, graffiti from building exteriors and rust from metals, making it great for home restoration of every kind.

From restoring antiques to removing rust from fancy metal railings, 330 Dustless Blasting offers a safe, fast and easy solution that’s more effective and versatile than power washing alone.

Our MOBILE service is self-contained, and arrives ready to get the job done!

  • Remove oil and stains from concrete driveways, garage floors and patios
  • Strip paint from brick and concrete
  • Clean and renew wood decks
  • Remove rust and paint from metal railings
  • Cleans grime and residue from swimming pools
  • Safely cleans stamped concrete -NO color fading

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