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Mobile Surface Cleaning & Preparation

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Mobile Media Blasting

330 Dustless Blasting – Surfaces we work with…

Fiberglass Cleaning - Will NOT Harm Gelcoat!

& Gelcoat

Aluminum Cleaning at 330 Dustless Blasting

& Metals

Bricks, Block and Masonry Renovation

Bricks, Block
& Masonry

Outdoor Concrete Cleaning

& Stone

Vinyl Fence Cleaning - 330 Dustless Blasting


Alloy Cleaning and Surface Preparation


Completely Self-Contained
Mobile Media Blasting System



NO Mileage Charges EVER!

Dustless Blasting Advantages

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Mobile Services – we come to YOU!
  • Completely Self-Contained Unit
  • Dustless – NO Health Issues
  • EPA Approved Methods
  • Uses Recycled Products
  • Spark-Free Operation
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Properly Prepared Surface

The 330 Dustless Blasting system results in a prepared surface that’s ready for any repairs, refinishing, and/or repainting. Try the newest technology in mobile media blasting services for your next surface preparation project!

The 330 Dustless Blasting equipment is a complete mobile media blasting system. We come to you – no fuss or hassle with shipping, waiting, pick-up, etc. We arrive with our 20 foot trailer fully equipped with everything needed for a full 8-hour day of environmentally friendly surface preparation.

We leave you with nothing but a newly restored surface – no mess, no clean-up. Our fully mobile dustless blasting system includes:

  • Diesel Air Compressor, Hoses & Nozzles
  • Water Tank (275 gallons)
  • Blasting Hopper w 2200 lbs. of Media
  • All Miscellaneous Materials & Equipment

Mobile Fleet Services at 330 Dustless BlastingSoda Blasting Problems

  • Environmentally Dangerous
    Kills nearby plants, grasses, & trees
  • Toxic to Living Things
  • Excessive Dust

Sandblasting Concerns

  • Connected to many health issues
  • Dirty & Messy
  • Causes Heat & Warping
  • Unhealthy Silica Content
  • Must check local Dust Laws

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An example of how SAFE and MOBILE our Dustless Blasting System is – Roadside service for the City of Fairlawn. Thanks for the opportunity to serve you!

How Mobile and SAFE Our Dustless Blasting System Is!

How Mobile and SAFE Our Dustless Blasting System Is!

Unusual Projects? 330 Dustless Blasting gets it DONE!

~~~ Restoration of a Douglas C-53 SkyTrooper ~~~

Restoration of Douglas C-53 SkyTrooper Airplane

Restoration of Douglas C-53 SkyTrooper Airplane

Restoration of Douglas C-53 SkyTrooper Airplane

Restoration of Douglas C-53 SkyTrooper Airplane