Boat Hull Cleaning & Crustacean Removal

Boat Hull Cleaning Services - 330 Dustless BlastingLooking for an easy way to remove stains, barnacles and bottom paint from your boat? Our mobile media blasting system offers an effective hull cleaning service that will remove years of marine-life and anti-fouling paint without damaging the surface – even on gel coat.

No need for special containment – unlike soda blasting, dustless blasting uses recycled glass as the media. It’s environmentally friendly and won’t harm plant or marine life, water or air quality.

Dustless blasting is safe for steel, aluminum, fiberglass and gel coat boats. Once the blasting process is complete your boat can be winterized for storage or get a new coat of paint.

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Boat Hull Cleaning Services - 330 Dustless Blasting

330 Dustless Blasting can also keep your trailer rust and crustacean free. Call us today at 330-416-6362 for a free quote on boat cleaning or anti-fouling paint removal help today!