Fremont Airport entrusted us with the honorable job of  helping with this airplane restoration. We prepared Lulu Belle – a historic DC3 World War II and D-Day veteran who carried our troops to Normandy – for repainting in her original scheme.

She is scheduled to fly again in 2018! It will be great to see her  in her Army colors and airborne.

330 Dustless Blasting Airplane Restoration

Saving Lulu Belle - A Historic
Airplane Restoration

330 Dustless Blasting Airplane Restoration

Many thanks to our troops for their service - from before WWII to today!

No restoration project is too big! Give Jeff a call at 330-###-#### to see how this technology can make surface prep EASY!

330 Dustless Blasting works on all metals, wood, concrete, masonry and more. YES, even airplanes!