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  330 Dustless Blasting is your fleet vehicle maintenance specialist

Keep your fleet vehicles in service longer and up to date with 330 Dustless Blasting. Removing rust and grime is eco-safe and affordable. Surface preparation for fresh paint jobs and decals? That’s our specialty! Dustless blasting doesn’t use heat, so no warping, no waiting to apply paint. 330 Dustless Blasting is a perfect match for commercial fleet services & maintenance. Our alternative to sand blasting easily handles rust and paint removal from aluminum trailers, tractors, flatbeds and more. We also handle decal removal quickly and easily with no damage to the paint or surface – no more peeling off decals and dealing with gummy adhesive. 330 Dustless Blasting removes paint and vinyl stickers all at once.

Heavy Equipment Cleaning & Restoration

Heavy machinery usually features heavy, industrial strength coatings which would be difficult and time-consuming to remove with traditional methods.

330 Dustless Blasting utilizes water, vastly increasing the efficiency of our system. Simply because water does not compress like air does, our wet blasting process has more force than traditional dry blasting – enabling us to obliterate coatings specifically designed to be resistant to abrasion and wear.

Additionally, the water reduces friction, heat and dust, which means zero metal warping. Bulldozers, backhoes, fork lifts and other heavy machinery can be stripped and cleaned in the most cost effective manner available with 330 Dustless Blasting.

330 Dustless blasting uses recycled bottle glass – zero free silica, no heat, no dust plume, and is harmless to humans and plant life. It’s less hazardous to the environment, super fast and leaves you with a smooth surface, no matter what it is. A whole lot less messy too!

~~~ Extending the service life of a beautiful Peterbilt semi-tractor ~~~

Peterbilt Truck Restoration
Peterbilt Truck Restoration