330 Dustless Blasting is Faster, Simpler, Cleaner & Greener

PROFESSIONAL Dustless Blasting Services

330 Dustless Blasting is a great alternative to sand blasting. It is environmentally safe for people, plants, pets and all living things. Dustless blasting removes dirt, grime, grease, oil stains, paint, calcification and rust from virtually ANY SURFACE – quickly and efficiently.

Owner/ operator Jeff has extensive experience with commercial dustless blasting. He has cleaned and stripped everything – fleet trucks, municipal buildings and fire hydrants, commercial washing machines and more. 330 Dustless Blasting has worked with NASA Glenn Research Center and Ohio Edison, and even got to restore a WWII airplane!

In addition, from 30+ years experience with building contractors, Jeff understands contractor needs, construction materials, time frame planning and logistics. 330 Dustless Blasting offers TOP QUALITY professional surface preparation services with THE MOST experience in Northeast Ohio area.


Tractor Trailers to Front Loaders to Restorations, 330 Dustless Blasting is a fleet vehicle maintenance specialist

Keep your heavy equipment and fleet vehicles in service longer, looking great, and easy to maintain with 330 Dustless Blasting. Removing rust and grime is eco-safe and affordable. Surface preparation for fresh paint jobs and decals? That’s our specialty!

Dustless blasting doesn’t use heat, so there is zero warping, plus no waiting to apply paint. 330 Dustless Blasting is a perfect match for commercial fleet services & maintenance.

This efficient alternative to sand blasting easily handles rust, paint and decal removal from aluminum trailers, tractors, fiberglass hoods, flatbeds, and more.

We also tackle decal removal quickly and easily with no damage to the paint or surface – no more peeling off decals and dealing with gummy adhesive. 330 Dustless Blasting removes paint and vinyl stickers all at once.

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Heavy machinery (bulldozers, fork lifts, backhoes) usually features industrial strength coatings, difficult and time-consuming to remove with traditional methods.

330 Dustless Blasting is perfect for heavy equipment cleaning because it utilizes water, vastly increasing the efficiency of our system. Water does not compress like air does, so our wet blasting process has more force than traditional dry blasting – and obliterates coatings specifically designed to be resistant to abrasion and wear.

Dustless blasting uses recycled bottle glass – zero free silica, no heat, no dust plume, and is harmless to humans and plant life. Less hazardous to the environment, super fast and leaves a smooth surface, no matter what it is. Less messy too!

~~~ Extending the service life of a beautiful Peterbilt semi-tractor ~~~

Peterbilt Truck Restoration
Peterbilt Truck Restoration

Our Mobile Dustless Blasting comes to YOU!

330 Dustless Blasting offers mobile services with NO mileage charge. Our professional team will keep your fleet vehicles maintained and rust free. We show up fully equipped and ready to roll, working professionally and quickly, leaving only clean surfaces behind.

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Several pictures from recent projects will show you what our service can do…


Alloys - Industrial Equipment
Alloys & Equipment
Aluminum - Automotive Restoration
Aluminum & Auto
Fiberglass -Boat Cleaning
Fiberglass Boats
Bricks-Masonry - Residential
Bricks & Masonry
Outdoor Pools - Concrete Cleaning
Pools & Concrete
Vinyl Fence Cleaning - 330 Dustless Blasting
Vinyl Fencing

Industrial Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance

330 Dustless Blasting provides effective industrial equipment cleaning and maintenance services. Throughout the industrial world, machine renovation rather than replacement is the most cost effective method of maintaining and even increasing productivity. Although industrial coatings are formulated to last, they are not foolproof and may need to be removed, along with rust, grime and other built-up materials.

These industrial finishes can prove extremely difficult to remove completely with typical methods. In addition, both chemical stripping methods and sand- and soda-blasting bring with them their own problems.

Self-contained, mobile and environmentally safe, dustless blasting quickly gets the job done with no harmful side effects. Services include:

  • Heavy/light machinery & equipment
  • Pavement line removal
  • Paint removal from any surface
  • Rust or grime removal & cleaning
  • Powder coating removal

We're a Mobile dustless Blasting SErvice that comes to YOU.

Your Power Washing & Home Restoration Alternative

Dustless blasting is the most versatile alternative to power washing available. Perfectly safe for use around plants and vegetation, dustless blasting uses water and recycled bottle glass – zero free silica, no heat, no dust plume, and is harmless to humans also.

Dustless Blasting safely removes paint from masonry and concrete, graffiti from building exteriors and rust from metals, making it great for home restoration of every kind.

Restoring antiques to removing rust from fancy metal railings, 330 Dustless Blasting offers a safe, fast and easy solution that’s more effective and versatile than power washing alone.

Our MOBILE dustless blasting service is self-contained, and arrives ready to go to work!

  • Remove oil and stains from concrete driveways, garage floors and patios
  • Safely cleans stamped concrete -NO color fading
  • Cleans grime and residue from swimming pools
  • Remove rust and paint from metal railings
  • Strip paint from brick and concrete
  • Clean and renew wood decks

Surfaces 330 Dustless Blasting Cleans:

  • Stainless Steel
  • All Aluminum
  • All Metals
  • Brass & Copper
  • Fiberglass Gelcoat


  • Fleet Services
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial Cleaning

Completely Self-Sufficient MOBILE SERVICES

  • Auto Restoration
  • Paint Removal
  • Removes Rust


  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Brick & Masonry
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Line Stripping
  • Graffiti Removal

Commercial Dustless Blasting? Ready At Your Convenience!

Our commercial dustless blasting services couldn’t get any more efficient! Serving Medina, Akron, Cleveland and surrounding Ohio communities, our mobile services come to your location. No need for disassembly or drop off and pick up. Dustless blasting is perfect for heavy equipment cleaning, industrial settings, machine maintenance and more.

330 Dustless Blasting is comfortable in the commercial environment. Having completed work for companies like NASA, Faculative Technologies, Ganley Auto, and Ohio Edison, we’re confident to get the job done efficiently, correctly and to your total satisfaction.

Dustless Blasting is perfect for:

  • Municipal services like line stripping from parking lots or roads
  • Industrial settings for machine maintenance
  • Construction equipment cleaning & paint stripping
  • Fleet services – rust & paint stripping
  • Surface preparation on metal, wood, concrete, masonry, and more.
Commercial Dustless Blasting Services
Bull Dozer Fleet Services

Why Choose 330 Dustless Blasting?

  • MOBILE service – we come to your location
  • EXPERIENCED in industrial & commercial environments
  • ECO-FRIENDLY! Plant friendly & people safe
  • COMPLETE surface preparation & ready to finish
  • NO heat, NO harsh chemicals EVER!

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Municipal Maintenance Services

City and Township Maintenance Departments are turning away from the conventional paint removal media/sandblasting methods and switching to 330 Dustless Blasting for their surface preparation needs. Our mobile surface preparation technology makes formerly labor-intensive tasks fast and easy.

Click this link for more info and video.

Medina ~ Cleveland ~ Akron ~ Canton, Ohio

Municipal maintenance includes:

  • Buildings & property power washing
  • School building graffiti removal
  • Remove oil from concrete & flooring
  • Sign post cleaning
  • Fire hydrant paint stripping
  • Fleet vehicle rust removal
  • Pavement marking removal
Municipal Dustless Blasting Service - 330-416-6362
Municipal Dustless Blasting Service - 330-416-6362

The SAFE Auto Sandblasting / Soda Blasting Alternative!

Dustless blasting is a great automotive sandblasting alternative for paint and rust removal from vehicles. It is less hazardous to the environment and the operator, super fast and leaves you with a surface ready to paint ~ IMMEDIATELY!

330 Dustless Blasting offers mobile dustless blasting services. Our professional team will have your vehicle surfaces rust free and paint ready in no time right from your shop, garage or driveway.

Dustless blasting uses recycled bottle glass – zero free silica, no heat, no dust plume, and is harmless to humans and plant life. A whole lot less messy too! There’s no faster auto sandblasting alternative!

Surface preparation made warp free and worry free: because dustless blasting uses water, no heat is involved allowing surfaces to stay cool, smooth and straight.

Hot Rod Grille - 330 Dustless Blasting

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Mobile Dustless Blasting Service comes to YOU!

330 Dustless Blasting can help you with your next vehicle restoration!

Residential Surfaces 330 Dustless Blasting Cleans:

  • Ornamental Iron
  • Decorative Stone Walls
  • Driveways & Walkways
  • Cinder Block Foundations

  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Brick & Masonry
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel
  • All Aluminum
  • All Metals
  • Brass & Copper
  • Fiberglass Gelcoat

  • Paint Removal
  • Removes Rust
Mobile Fleet Services at 330 Dustless Blasting

Boat Hull Cleaning
Crustacean Removal
Zebra Mussel Removal

Boat Hull Cleaning Services - 330 Dustless Blasting

Quickly & Conveniently. At Your Location!

Looking for an easy way to remove stains, barnacles and bottom paint from your boat? Our mobile media blasting system offers an effective hull cleaning service that will remove years of marine-life and anti-fouling paint without damaging the surface – even on gel coat.

No need for special containment – unlike soda blasting, dustless blasting uses recycled glass as the media. It’s environmentally friendly and won’t harm plant or marine life, water or air quality.

Dustless blasting is safe for steel, aluminum, fiberglass and gel coat boats. Once the blasting process is complete your boat can be winterized for storage or get a new coat of paint.

330 Dustless Blasting can also keep your trailer rust and crustacean free. Call Jeff at 330-###-#### for a free quote on boat cleaning or anti-fouling paint removal help today!

Why Choose Dustless Blasting for Your Restoration Project?

330 Dustless Blasting is the perfect surface preparation service for your restoration project. Whether you are looking to remove rust from metal, strip old paint, or clean years of grease and grime buildup, dustless blasting is a fast, safe, and convenient way to do it. ZERO chemicals, no drop off & pick up, and no wait time between blasting & painting!

restoration projects
restoration project

330 Dustless Blasting is a completely self-contained, mobile unit that conveniently arrives at your location ready to work an 8-hour day. Our professional owner/ operator has years of experience dustless blasting many different types of projects, from airplanes to intricate and ornate antiques. Reduce your risk and protect your project by hiring a hands-on service provider who does the job right.

Saving Lulu Belle - A Historic D-Day Airplane Restoration

330 Dustless Blasting Airplane Restoration

Fremont Airport entrusted us with the honorable job of helping with this airplane restoration. We prepared Lulu Belle – a historic DC3 World War II and D-Day veteran who carried our troops to Normandy – for repainting in her original scheme.

She is scheduled to fly again in 2018. It was a great privilege to be a part of her history, and it’ll be awesome to see her finished in her Army colors and airborne once again.

330 Dustless Blasting Airplane Restoration

Many THANKS to our troops for their service - from before WWII to today!